The Village Green Cafe'

Inside the Village Green Cafe'


Michael decorated the interior of the "Village Green Cafe' with bits and pieces of left over scrap wood.

Photo as seen in the National Geographic

In 1973, Michael and Darelyn Guthrie started a Coffee House named "The Village Green Cafe", in the village of Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada. There, they hosted many singer/songwriters including: Bruce Cockburn, Ken Hamm, Bruce Rathie, Alison Hogan, Rick Bockner, Jennette Gritanni, Bing Jensen, Brain Damage, Danny Greenspoon, and Cris Rawlings.

In 1974, Michael Guthrie had an idea to form a society to save a
derelict old hotel called the Langham. For more information click on Langham Cultural Society

Some Village Green history

Village Green Stories
(more to come)

Tom Combs