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Mamie McClain Guthire - Songs and Stories



CD Reviews:

Michael Guthrie's CD "Conscious Collective" is a stellar collection of real musicianship. He delves into blues, folk and rock and makes the listener think. This is what creative music is all about."The Upper Room with Joe Kelley"Joe Kelley, WVOF 88.5 fm.

"Michael Guthrie's CD "Conscious Collective" has everything a music afficionado would want.
The tunes carry you from blues to rock to jazz. You heard "The parts are greater than the whole" it applies in this case! The thoughtful lyrics demonstrate Michael's social involvement and sharp intelect...For an example listen to "Military Coup" on the jukebox!Estheticaly pleasing packaging as well. What more could I say about it? A 21st century version of the 60's? Yes! At the risk of sounding clicheed I dare say the tracks just keeps you listening til the end.The varied sound texturing coupled with that firm unwavering voice just nails every track right on! Like a master carpenter driving a nail with one blow! I give this CD a strong 4 1/2 microphones"
Claude Gagne
Claude Gagne of K.L.O.D. Music eZine, "Master poet, creator and host of his most exceptional eZine"
Also - See Claude Gagne

"The aptly titled 'Conscious Collective' by Michael Guthrie is one of those rare gems that would (and should) fit anyone's music collection. The pervading transcendent spirit underlying each track acts as a soothing magic carpet connecting a multi-styled soundscape of dynamic textures, ideas and groove, with the thread of his broad soft pallette. Guthrie's versatility and musical wisdom are equally reflected in songs; sometimes provocative, sometimes universal. Throughout is a voice of conscience, depth and healing.
Sonic Pleasure! I think I'll ask him to produce my next album!"
Kurt Myhaver
- "Host of the Hopvine Songwriters Showcase"

“On Conscious Collective, Seattle's Michael Guthrie provides us with more than just an eclectic mix of folk, blues and jazz. Whether commenting on US foreign policy, as in Military Coup, or talking about relationships as in Love Me Like a Friend, Guthrie's passion for his fellow man shines through. His guitar playing is superb throughout. He can switch from one guitar style to another with little effort. Check out the jazzy stylings of Bloom'n and the steel sounds on Look'n at the World. MichaelGuthrie has produced a CD that is both entertaining and thought provoking. I'm glad somebody is still doing that”.
Jim Dupuis - CFBX 92.5 FM
(theX) Host of “Jazz Notes with Jim”