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The original lettering "The Langham" Black lead
sign paint - raised against weathered gray wood.


The Founder of the
Langham Cultural Society

Live Music

Michael Guthrie 1974

Michael Guthrie1976

Black and White Photos
Nelson Daily News
Spectrum Section
July 1976

Michael Guthrie
Langham historyPress:
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Valley Voice - Apr 26, 2006
Valley Voice

The Kootney Weekly Express
November 18, 1992

Kootney Weekly Express

Nelson Daily News
July 1976

Nelson Daily News

The Kootenay Weekly Express - Nov 18, 1992 page 11 by Carmen Marquis

“Kaslo - “burn it down! Didn’t you hear me - I said burn it down!” was the declaration blazed on the side of the Langham Hotel and “eyesore” in the community of Kaslo in 1974. Many townspeople agreed wholeheartedly and the city council was preparing for the Langham’s destruction when a young businessman of Kaslo, Michael Guthrie, took matters into his own hands. He managed to have the Langham purchased, to organize a group of supporters creating the Langham Cultural Society and to initiate actual restorations on the old hotel. ...”


The Langham in 1974

The Langham restoration, Michael Guthrie repainting the Langham name!

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A history of: how “The Langham Cultural Society” was started, and the formation of the Board of Directors.

This story is based on my journal notes, press articles and public documents from The Provincial British Columbia Registry.

The time frame is from early July 1974-July 17, 1977, the time frame of which I first conceived of a society to purchase “The Langham”, my term as President of “The Langham Cultural Society” and the Grand Opening.

By; Michael Guthrie
November of 2014
Seattle, WA

 “Burn it down, didn’t you hear me.” These were the words spray painted on the wall of the old Langham Hotel in Kaslo, BC. Like many of the old historic buildings in Kaslo that were previously burnt down by local residents, the Langham was facing this same fate.

   The Village of Kaslo, in June of 1974, placed a notice on the bulletin board stating that; if the owner of the building didn’t restore the building, or sell it to someone who would, they would condemn it and have it torn down. Bill Mellus from South Fork told me about the notice one day at his house.

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The first volunteer work crew at the Langham.
Photo from the National Geographic Society's, "The Magestic Rocky Mountains" published 1976

Back Row: Mike Guthrie, Jim VanHorn

Second Row: Dare and Joli Guthrie, Norman Berglund, "little" Jim VanHorn, Brian Kurlick, Nikola and Jackie Bowyer, Fred Higley, Barb Scrivens,

Front Row: Elizabeth, Fern and John VanHorn, Pat and Susan Bowyer, Samuel T. Bones, the Guthrie's dog, and Holly's Cat


“Michael Guthrie’s dream of keeping the Langham from becoming a pile of ashes came true. Funded by a $28,000 government grant, the LCS hired 7 people and managed to completely refurbish the exterior and interior of the building for 146,961.82. Over two thirds of that funding was secured by the LCS; volunteers were the lifeblood of the Langham then, as they are now. ...”

.. The Idea of having a performing and visual arts space with the upper floors used as studio space was Michaels. His ideas were unanimously accepted and at the same time he was elected president. Michael coordinated the first Rec. Fund and LIP Grants. He also conceived of and organized the first two Langham benefits. Michael and Darelyn were already running "The Village Green Cafe" with a coffee house venue. They turned over their performing venue to the Langham as a donation to help get the Langham off the ground.





Langham in 1974

  Village Green


Michael, Darelyn, and Joli Guthrie

The history of The Village Green Cafe' Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada

February, 1973 - June 1979

In 2013 the Langham Cultural Society created a permanent exibit of these three panels


  Village Green


History of the origins of the Langham Cultural Society, Kaslo, British Columbia, Canada

The society was started in the Village Green Cafe' in 1974


  Village Green

Inside the Village Green Cafe' and photo featured in National Geographic "The Majestic Rocky Mountains"